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Kraft Wrap Rolls   &   Dispensers

  Kraft Wrap  


Used for wrapping, bundling,
slip sheets, floor covering and void fill.

Sold by the roll.

Part # Width Basis Weight Length
  KW1230 12" 30 lbs. 1625'  
  KW1540 15" 40 lbs. 1275'  
  KW1840 18" 40 lbs. 1275'  
  KW2430 24" 30 lbs. 1625'  
  KW2440 24" 40 lbs. 1275'  
  KW2450 24" 50 lbs. 1025'  
  KW3030 30" 30 lbs. 1625'  
  KW3040 30" 40 lbs. 1275'  
  KW3630 36" 30 lbs. 1625'  
  KW3640 36" 40 lbs. 1275'  
  KW3650 36" 50 lbs. 1025'  
  KW3660 36" 60 lbs. 825'  
  KW4840 48" 40 lbs. 1275'  
  KW4850 48" 50 lbs. 1025'  
  KW4860 48" 60 lbs. 825'  

Table Top Stand For Kraft Wrap

  Dispenser For Kraft Wrap  

24" Wide         Part # KW24DISP

36" Wide         Part # KW36DISP

Basis Weight   =    In simple terms:   the thickness of the paper. 
The higher the number, the thicker the paper.

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